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About us

A dynamic firm specializing in architectural design, interior design, and construction services. With a passion for creativity, innovation, and attention to detail, we strive to transform spaces into timeless expressions of beauty, functionality, and elegance. Our portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects, from residential homes to commercial spaces, each meticulously crafted to exceed our clients' expectations.

Team Members

Alaa Al-Telbani

General Director

Omayma Abbas

Director of the Design Department

Hala Abu Aisheh


Juman AL-Jawhary

Interior Designer

Sharif Qassem


Nadeem attary

Rahaf Ryahi

social media specialits

Dina Alshboul

public relations

Deya'a Al- telbani

Comptroller General

Noor kolcuogle


Mohsen Eissa

Interior design

Specifying Process

Project Management


Design that inspires

Crafting Satisfaction

Excellence and Leadership in the Fields of Architectural, Interior Design, Gardens and Furniture design, and to contribute to achieving comprehensive and sustainable development through preparing designs that serve this vision to be highly creative, capable of competition and leadership.

Architecture, Interior design, Graphic design and Project Management studio. Mesosphere Team lets you imagine your future by applying your perfect project to reality.

Mesosphere Group is where style lives. It is the ultimate guide to decorating and design and the indispensable go-to source for everyone who wants to create a more beautiful life.

Whether your taste is classic or contemporary—or an eclectic mix of both—you'll find ideas and inspiration, the latest information and products, and tools to help you decorate, renovate, and entertain stylishly.

Mesosphere Group delivers decorating inspiration and architecture and renovation ideas, plus lots more. You'll discover stylish finds; chic shops; art, culture, and travel guides; and advice for entertaining—everything you need to live well!

We aim to provide durable finishes. We complement our quality interiors with quality MEP installations that add trust to your overall interiors. Our bespoke interiors are backed by profound in-house MEP engineering services to ensure that the surface beauty is backed by reliable building services such as cooling, lighting, power and sanitary installations. All these hidden services ensure that your interior end-product trustworthy.